Aug 4, 2021

Navina Announces Milestone Results of its AI-Powered Platform with NOMS Healthcare - After Just Three Months of Deployment

Navina Announces Milestone Results of its AI-Powered Platform with NOMS Healthcare - After Just Three Months of Deployment


Navina, the leading AI-driven platform for primary care, announced that after three months of adoption by NOMS, their AI-platform has achieved measurable and dramatic results.

Navina enables clinicians to instantly identify the clinical data they need, making even the most complex cases reviewable in minutes. It integrates with EMR data and other sources to create an intuitive Patient Portrait - a concise and contextually relevant clinical summary for every patient, and provides AI-based recommendations for potentially missed diagnosis and opportunities for better, more preventive patient care.

Northern Ohio Medical Specialists (NOMS Healthcare) is a leading ACO and multi-specialty independent physician group with over 250 providers and 30 specialties. The group chose Navina to support their clinicians as they grow the group exponentially as national leaders in value-based care. Navina provides the group with an essential solution as revenue is increasingly tied to measurable patient outcomes. Its AI engine helps identify potentially missed diagnoses and care gaps ensuring accurate representation of the complexity of each patient and overall patient risk. Since adopting the platform, NOMS has seen a significant increase in HCC-RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) scores, which is expected to translate into several million dollars in revenue over the upcoming calendar years.

“Navina is an important solution for today's new era of accountability,” said Joshua Frederick, president and CEO of NOMS. “We need to arm physicians with technology that can give them the data they need at their fingertips. Navina helps us reduce physician burnout by saving them time mining the EMR and, by surfacing value-based insights, it helps us perform better economically as a group. Results so far have been phenomenal. In under four months we are seeing significant improvements with a potential savings of millions of dollars annually.”

Navina began its rollout at NOMS in May this year. Today the Platform is used in 21 practices by over 190 users including physicians, nursing practitioners, MAs and recently also care managers.

"Without clinical acceptance, no technology can be successfully adopted" said Jennifer Hohman, MD, NOMS Board Chair. “We are delighted by how quickly Navina has been adopted by our clinicians. While other tools provide HCC reminders without an understanding of the full clinical context - rendering them useless - using Navina is like having another physician at my side. A partner who can instantly read through the entire record - including every consult or discharge note - and then give me only the data I need, so that I don’t miss anything.”

“The irony is that, despite there being more data than ever before, physicians haven't had a way to get a single concise overview of their patient's health. This results in suboptimal care, clinician burnout and financial loss," said Ronen Lavi, CEO Navina, “Navina's Patient Portraits deliver what every clinician needs in a world where keeping up with data is an increasingly losing battle. Using artificial intelligence, Navina enhances patient health, improves value-based outcomes and makes possible the next generation of informed, empathetic care.”

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