Solving The Primary Crisis of Primary Care

Replacing chaotic data with intuitive Patient Portraits

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Spend Time with Your Patients,
Not Their Data.

Navina is the first platform that creates instant clinical and financial insight for primary care physicians at the point-of-care

We use AI to replace chaotic patient data with an intuitive Patient Portrait - a logical grid that makes it possible for every primary care physician to assess even the most complex cases in minutes.

Navina integrates with your existing EMR, and turns its invaluable, base-level data into an accurate visual diagnostic capture, delivering instant insights and recommendations to improve current and subsequent visits. 


This results in better treatment, reduced missed diagnoses and enhanced financial performance for providers and payers.

Value From Day One for Primary Care Doctors,
Multi-Specialty Groups & ACOs

Immediate ROI from a single solution: optimum patient wellness and shared savings

Fewer missed diagnoses

RAF gap identification

Less mouse  clicks

Reduced EMR time

Better team-based care

A Radically Reinvented View of Your Patients


Holistic data

We use AI and machine learning to make sure that what's most important is immediately clear, based on the entirety and complexity of each patient’s data and history.

Diagnostically linked

Our platform maps the clinical relationships between problems, labs, medications and consult notes, drawing from coding and clinical guidelines.

Actionable insights

Navina highlights abnormalities, possible missing diagnoses, quality metrics and RAF gaps, at the point of care, supporting value based-activities.

Measurable ROI Reported by Our Customers

RAF gaps reduced 


 reduction in mouse clicks and EMR time


Increased revenue per physician


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Physicians Dive Right In

Designed for and loved by physicians, Navina quickly integrates with your workflow and requires no training so you could be up and running in a matter of days.

Seeing is Believing

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