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Clinically informed AI that transforms care delivery

The Navina difference

Designed for primary care

Tailored to the nuances of health data, ensuring accurate identification of hidden conditions

Transparent and trustworthy

Every insight is linked to the original clinical evidence

Native to clinical workflows

Navina surfaces insights and recommendations directly within the EHR, at the point of care

Under the hood: Navina’s AI engine

Multi-source data reconciliation image

Multi-source data reconciliation

Navina ingests data across disparate sources, including the electronic health record (EHR), health information exchanges (HIEs), insurance claims and care gap files, and transforms it into a coherent Patient Portrait.

Document classification image

Document classification

Automatically classifies document types (consult notes, imaging reports, etc.) and uses Navina’s proprietary language models to extract and structure information such as ICD-10 codes and clinical dates from free text. Powerful segmentation algorithms are able to handle long, complex, multi-document records.

Suspected conditions engine

Surfaces suspected chronic conditions never explicitly documented before by parsing clinical evidence across structured and unstructured data from notes, imaging, meds, labs, vitals and more.

Diagnosis inferencing image

Diagnosis inferencing

Infers applicable hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) from diverse data sources beyond just diagnosis lists, ensuring more accurate risk scoring.

Care gap insights image

Care gap insights

Continuously monitors and reconciles preventative care needs like screenings and vaccinations based on the latest clinical data ingested into the patient record.

Automated generation of documentation image

Automated generation of documentation

Supports physicians by automating diagnosis and visit documentation. Navina uses state-of-the art generative AI to automatically suggest MEAT-compliant documentation.

By the numbers

Our AI engine’s proven impact from the last 12 months alone
Conditions identified that have never previously been documented
Documents classified
Acceptance rate of Navina inference engine insights

How it works

Navina harnesses hundreds of proprietary AI algorithms to transform fragmented patient data into actionable clinical insights
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Multi-source data integration
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Reconciliation into unified profile
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Multi-modal data structuring
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AI-powered clinical insights
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Last mile contextualization
Data ingestion
AI engine
Point of care

AI you can trust

We’re committed to developing AI tools that are innovative, ethical, and responsible
All AI-powered insights are transparently linked back to the underlying clinical data evidence, fostering trust through explainability.
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Built from the ground up with strict data governance, HIPAA compliance, encryption and other safeguards to protect patient data.
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Navina proactively monitors for and addresses implicit biases in its AI models. Diverse, inclusive training data representing all demographics facilitates equitable recommendations sensitive to different patient populations.
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Leveraging the latest in AI research and technology, we are committed to continuously improving our models for better performance and outcomes.
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"AI has the potential to dramatically relieve physician burnout when it is properly integrated into their workflow and provides evidence-based insights that clinicians can trust."

Steven E. Waldren, MD, MS
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, American Academy of Family Physicians
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