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Accelerate value-based success with real-time analytics

Monitor performance across your network to improve risk score accuracy, quality metrics, and provider engagement

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Track value-based metrics and optimize performance

Gain full visibility into your organization’s value-based performance with robust reporting for metrics like HCC breakdown, RAF over time, and HEDIS® measure satisfaction. Advanced filtering gives you insights at every level of the organization.

Enhance provider engagement with value-based goals

Track usage and performance metrics by clinic, location, and individual users. Identify areas of friction and opportunities for training. Leverage data to drive targeted interventions to boost provider engagement and enhance  network performance and patient outcomes.

Navigate the transition to HCC V28

Navina supports both HCC V24 and V28 risk adjustment models, enabling you to seamlessly transition during the blended period and beyond. Our platform helps you navigate this complexity with confidence, and anticipate the impact on future reimbursement so you can optimize your operations for the changes ahead.

Delve deeper with maximum flexibility

Navina’s analytics platform offers unparalleled connectivity, allowing for the seamless integration of Navina’s clinical insights into your existing business intelligence dashboards. Simply connect via API or export raw data files with a single click.

The most innovative
organizations choose Navina

"My team at Parker Square has really embraced and utilized Navina in so many different aspects. We have immediate access to crucial patient data like recent mammography or lab results, right in our patient chart. It even enables us to review HCC codes, and bring it back to the patients' chart, which allows me to identify the patient to the appropriate complexity for both my own knowledge, as well as for the insurance."

Dr. Christen Vu
Physician Lead, OnPoint Medical Group
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“Navina’s platform stands out because of high physician satisfaction rates, the ease of use of the EHR integrated technology, and the ability to back up every insight and diagnosis with clinical evidence presented at the time of a visit.”

Dr. Keith Fernandez
Chief Clinical Officer, Privia Health
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"For over a year our providers have been utilizing Navina/AI software to benefit every aspect of patient interaction.  The seamless EMR integration and unparalleled support from every member of the Navina team has contributed to better patient care and a drastic increase in our overall patient risk adjustment scores.  Joining the Navina Team has easily been one of the best decisions our practice has ever made."

Robert F. DeLuca, J.D
EMR Innovation Administrator, Medical Consultants Management
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"We chose Navina because it was light years ahead of other systems that worked with our electronic medical record. Over 90% of our doctors used Navina within the first week. Now we have every doctor using it every day."

Dr. Benjamin Cook
Family Medicine Physician, Jefferson City Medical Group
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"Navina helps me in my day to day simply by allowing me to get through my visit in a much more efficient way. It helps me identify problems that I didn't realize were there."

Dr. Jarrett S. Dodd, MD
Medical Director, CVFP Medical Group
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Navina Quality Platform Boosts Performance by up to 24%

First-of-its-kind innovation closes critical care gaps, enhancing clinical collaboration and preventative care
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Navina Drives Success for Value-Based Specialty Care Provider

See how Navina helped Upperline Health achieve 97% clinician adoption, surface 41% more conditions, and address 94% of clinical insights.
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Navina Wins Best Overall Health Informatics Solution

Navina wins Best Overall Health Informatics Solution in 2024 MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program.
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Transform care with the leading AI platform for
value-based success

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