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CVFP Medical Group Expands Use of Navina's AI for Primary Care

Navina Team
Navina Team
April 24, 2023

NEW YORK, April 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Navina, the AI-powered platform that transforms chaotic patient data into proactive primary care, announced today that it has expanded its partnership and integration with CVFP Medical Group after initial rollout yielded success throughout their practice. The expanded partnership will bring Navina to additional clinicians to improve provider experience, clinical outcomes, and value-based care performance.

CVFP began using Navina's AI in 2022 and found that it improved quality of care and simplified clinicians administrative work by putting the right data in front of physicians and providing insights that support value-based care. Navina makes it possible for physicians to conquer today's overwhelming data burden through its ability to capture and interpret data from multiple sources—including structured and unstructured data from labs, imaging, and consult notes—and present it in an intuitive and concise way.

Navina facilitates the integration of patient data and results in a more comprehensive understanding of the patients' health status. During the initial period, clinicians used Navina to prepare for 80% of their patient visits. Navina was able to bring in over 50% of new lab data from external sources, meaning high coverage of patient health history.

"When we implemented Navina into our daily routine, it became clear that this AI was going to transform our processes and improve the patient experience," said Dr. Jarrett Dodd, Medical Director, CVFP Medical Group. "Navina has provided us with the ability to extract data in a more efficient way, ensuring higher quality care and a simplified work experience for clinicians, giving our team more time to focus on the patient."

During initial rollout, Navina's AI was able to extract data from lab results and specialty consultations that helped identify previously undocumented conditions, including diabetes with chronic complications, chronic kidney disease, and morbid obesity. Through Navina, CVFP was able to not only gather a deeper understanding of the patients' health status, but was also able to enhance care by enabling physicians to spend less time pulling together patient history and more time focusing on the patient.

"Navina is actively improving our systems functions while also decreasing the burden on our physicians when it comes to patient data," said Shawn Crawford, CEO of CVFP. "We are excited to make cutting edge AI available to our clinicians. Navina has helped pursue our value-based strategy with point of care evidence, and at the same time increases satisfaction for physicians." 

"Navina's AI continues to advance the quality and delivery of care across healthcare organizations by surfacing the right data for every provider-patient interaction," said Ronen Lavi, CEO of Navina. "CVFP's results are a testament to the power of AI and the positive impact that technological advancements have on proactive and preventive patient care, ultimately supporting healthcare organizations in achieving value-based care that truly delivers."

About Navina: Navina uses medically-informed AI to turn chaotic data into an intuitive and concise Patient Portrait that allows physicians and the entire care team to assess, collaborate, and act on even the most complicated cases instantly. Designed for and loved by physicians, Navina allows for high quality and empathic patient care, resulting in better treatment, reduced missed diagnoses, and a reduced burden on physicians.

About CVFP Medical Group: CVFP Medical Group is an established independent practice consisting of over 50 primary care providers with seven regional primary care offices, two immediate care facilities, a main lab, diagnostic center, and student health center. Established in 1993, CVFP is committed to its vision of serving patients and being a positive change in healthcare by delivering high quality, cost-effective healthcare services while also providing a great patient experience. Proud members of Collaborative Health Partners and Privia Quality Network. To learn more, visit

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