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Navina Team
Navina Team
Jul 6, 2023

KLAS Research Emerging Solutions Spotlight on Navina

KLAS Research Emerging Solutions Spotlight on Navina

Navina is featured in a new Emerging Solutions Spotlight from KLAS Research, which evaluates our customers' experiences with our solution. The report, based on in-depth interviews with our customers, highlights the reasons they chose Navina—and why they unanimously recommend that others do the same.

In the era of value-based care, the need for precise information and comprehensive documentation has never been greater, but patient data remains chaotic. Navina deploys cutting-edge AI to transform that data into intuitive patient portraits and insightful clinical insights. Our customers shared with the researchers some of the outcomes that they expected from our solution—and reported that those outcomes were indeed achieved. These include:

  • Improved physician efficiency and reduced burnout through faster, streamlined patient information look-up
  • Enhanced interpretation of non-discrete data and ability to glean insights from underlying AI
  • Greater clinical insights into patient charts
  • Better value-based arrangements through improved coding scores (e.g., Medicare HCCs)

Today’s healthcare providers grapple with the pressing need to optimize clinical and financial outcomes, all while facing the daunting challenges of clinician burnout, workforce shortages, and limited financial resources. By helping our customers address some of their most pressing challenges, we’re delivering tangible value today. That’s an important reason why our customers told KLAS Research that the Navina solution has long-term viability. One director quoted in the report said:

"There is definitely a need for this type of solution, and Navina is ahead of the game. Others are trying to make this kind of solution, but Navina is head and shoulders above. A tool to organize and sequentially present information to a clinician as their brain needs to get it is like a holy grail in terms of EMR workflows. Physician burnout comes from information overload at the wrong time, and this solution helps give physicians the information at the right time."

Director, June 2023


All our customers said they used our solution’s key features, which include:

  • Clinical summaries that transform countless patient data points from the EHR and other sources into a concise summary
  • Document search and exploration that categorizes scanned documents and other unstructured data points and makes them easily searchable
  • Risk adjustment workflow the provides AI-powered, evidence-based diagnosis suggestions at the point of care for accurate risk adjustment capture and streamlined workflows


KLAS Research noted that one of our key strengths is that our customers see us as “a collaborative partner who uses customer feedback to drive product development”. We’re proud to have built a physician-first solution, tailored to our users’ needs and pain points. Our customers have responded in kind, with 100% customer satisfaction and an A+ recommendation rating according to the KLAS report.


Other key strengths cited in the report include optimized coding and other tangible outcomes, and that our solution supports value-based care and streamlines provider workflows. A manager for one of our customers put it best when he said:


“The product has really been helping us to work with our providers and help them really understand value-based care. Because of that, the tool has been incredibly helpful. The tool actually presents things to make connecting the dots and understanding things easier for the providers. The providers don’t just get definitions and have to go do all of the manual work.”

Manager, June 2023

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