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Elevated Data Interaction

Our first-of-its-kind AI-powered workflow solution reinvents how clinicians and care teams interact with patient data.  High specificity and clinician engagement improves care and clinician’ satisfaction while enabling practices to improve value-based payment arrangements.

Our AI Engine:
Harnessing machine learning and the power of NLP

We have developed the only AI-based primary care language model. Navina understands the jargon-filled language of medicine, for both clinical and economic benefits. We ingest a vast range of complex, unstructured data, and transform it into a contextualized presentation and actionable insights.

Data structuring and exploration:
A deep patient understanding at a glance

Navina ingests and interprets the patients’ health history from EHR, claims, HIE and more, giving clinicians an effective way to quickly understand and explore patients’ histories. By eliminating endless data and document hunting we relieve the burden on physicians, reduce preparation time and the risk of redundant tests and procedures.

Seamless risk adjustment:
Accurate diagnosis capture with no extra burden

Navina delivers a complete risk adjustment solution, from pre-visit planning to point-of-care assessment. We use AI to provide evidence-based prospective and retrospective condition detection, while reducing administrative burdens.

Enhanced quality performance:
Efficient gap closure at the point of care

Closing care gaps requires physician-patient engagement. By analyzing the entire patient data flow, Navina enables clinicians to immediately understand which preventive actions to take at the point of care. This dramatically improves  the likelihood that  patients will follow through,  improving outcomes and performance.

They say it better than we can

"My team at Parker Square has really embraced and utilized Navina in so many different aspects. We have immediate access to crucial patient data like recent mammography or lab results, right in our patient chart. It even enables us to review HCC codes, and bring it back to the patients' chart, which allows me to identify the patient to the appropriate complexity for both my own knowledge, as well as for the insurance."

Dr. Christen Vu
Physician Lead
OnPoint Medical Group

“Navina was life changing for me... It is absolutely amazing to have a patient portrait of my patient when I walk into the room instead of spending thirty minutes doing a thorough pre-visit plan, I spend a couple minutes reading the patient portrait and all of the pertinent information is in one place for me. At the end of the day I feel confident that I have not missed a critical detail because I have an extra set of ‘eyes’ on the patient with me.”

Jennifer Hohman
Family Physician and Board Chair of
NOMS Healthcare

"For over a year our providers have been utilizing Navina/AI software to benefit every aspect of patient interaction.  The seamless EMR integration and unparalleled support from every member of the Navina team has contributed to better patient care and a drastic increase in our overall patient risk adjustment scores.  Joining the Navina Team has easily been one of the best decisions our practice has ever made."

Robert F. DeLuca, J.D
EMR  Innovation Administrator
Medical Consultants Management

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