AI’s New Vision for Supporting Primary Care

Hosted by Navina and AAFP

Learn from our panel of speakers how an AI-based system leads to higher quality of care, while increasing adherence to quality measures and reimbursement.

Physician burnout was at crisis levels before the pandemic. Now, AI can be used to tackle the root cause of burnout by transforming scattered patient data into an intuitive visual summary  - with insights at the point of care. Clinicians get presented with what matters most, based on the entirety of each patient's data and history - organized categorically, for easy review and discovery.

Watch the recording to:

  • Discover revolutionary clinical overview of your patients - beyond the EMR
  • Understand how Patient Portraits can shorten visit prep and documentation time
  • Hear about improving diagnosis and treatment decisions with point of care AI-based recommendations
  • Dive into the ability of AI tools to increase reimbursement and shared savings
  • Learn about the advantages of taking part in the AAFP trial of Navina’s AI-based Patient Portrait


  • Dr. Steven Waldren - Vice President & Chief Medical Informatics Officer at American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Yair Lewis, MD, PhD - SVP Medical, Navina
  • Dr.  Lynn Joffe, MD, MSPH - Owner/Partner at DTC Family Health
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