AI Assistant for Clinical Review

Hosted by Navina and AAFP

Artificial Intelligence in primary care - save time, maximize quality, and reduce the burden on physicians

Artificial Intelligence can help reduce the burden on physicians by surfacing what’s important and presenting much-needed insights at the point of care. It enables you to easily search scanned documents with keywords, review diagnoses and potential care gaps, and add them to your EHR with just a click.
Join us to see how AI is helping physicians to prepare for visits and reduces data hunting. The result is elevated physician satisfaction, enhanced quality, and improved value-based care.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • The benefits of AI assistants to your practice and well-being
  • How your colleagues use the AI assistant across their practice
  • Key findings from the Innovation Lab study with Navina, including:
  • 70% time saved on chart review
  • 23% increase in diagnoses documented per visit
  • 38% increase in Risk Adjustment Scores per visit


  • Dr. Steven Waldren, MD - Vice President & Chief Medical Informatics Officer at American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Dr. Ronen Gordon, MBBS BSc - Senior Medical Manager at Navina
  • Dr. Jennifer Hohman - Family Physician and Board Chair of NOMS Healthcare
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