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Learn how our innovative AI technology revolutionizes healthcare workflows and enhances value-based care outcomes.

AI-powered risk adjustment at the point of care

Navina is the first AI platform specifically designed for primary care. Our AI identifies potential diagnoses and preventive opportunities based on complex data such as consult notes, lab results, and imaging, contributing to a more accurate capture of patient health status and data transparency across your organization.

Seamless risk adjustment

High specificity, high clinician engagement

Performance management for accountable care

Clinical alerts and predictive analytics

Bringing AI (Accountable Intelligence) to NAACOS Fall

See how Navina can transform care at your ACO and accelerate your value-based success

Christina Blake
Strategic Account Executive
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Dana McCalley
VP of Value Based Care
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* Your guess is the number of new conditions (based on (imaging, labs, consults, and care gaps) that were previously undocumented, for all Navina clinics in the past month.
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How many patients with new conditions did Navina identify in the last month?

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They say it better than we can

"Navina helps me in my day to day simply by allowing me to get through my visit in a much more efficient way. It helps me identify problems that I didn't realize were there."

Dr. Jarrett S. Dodd, MD
Medical Director
CVFP Medical Group