Navigating the Impact of HCC V28: Ensure Your Organizations’ Readiness

Hosted by Navina and the National Primary Care Transformation Summit

Winning strategies to navigate the transition from V24 to V28

The recently proposed CMS V28 risk adjustment model includes significant changes to HCC codes, which will greatly impact how Medicare Advantage risk scores are calculated and reimbursed. Medical groups and other value-based organizations need to prepare now in order to successfully transition from V24 to V28.

In this webinar, our team of experts will deep dive into the upcoming regulatory changes and provide actionable, practical recommendations to guide your strategy.

You'll get:

  • A breakdown of the changes in comparison to V24: what’s new and what’s removed
  • Insights into the operational and financial impacts of the weight change on the RAF for each HCC group
  • A live demonstration of how AI technology can improve coding accuracy and avoid potential missed diagnoses by generating insights based on the new model
  • Strategies and recommendations to future-proof your organization with the right infrastructure, workflows, and reporting capabilities


  • Dana McCalley, MBA- VP of Value Based Care, Navina
  • Timothy Dudley, MD- Former CMO, Colorado Care Partners Group (HealthOne)
  • Yair Lewis, MD, PhD - Chief Medical Officer, Navina
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