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Actionable clinical insights at the point of care

Navina’s AI platform turns fragmented data into a concise and intuitive patient portrait, surfacing only the most relevant patient data and evidence-based diagnosis recommendations at the point of care. It simplifies chart review by drawing clinical insights from multiple data sources across the entire patient journey, including unstructured data from within the EHR, claims, discharge notes, scanned PDFs, and imaging results.


Physician engagement rate

Acceptance rate of AI recommendations

Less time spent on chart review

Why clinicians choose Navina

Market-leading AI

recommendations engine surfaces timely and relevant insights

High Specificity

due to multi-source data ingestion and AI models designed for primary care


every diagnosis recommendation is linked to original source

Fully integrated

into the EHR workflow, reducing "death by a thousand clicks"

They say it better than we can

"Navina helps me in my day to day simply by allowing me to get through my visit in a much more efficient way. It helps me identify problems that I didn't realize were there."

Dr. Jarrett S. Dodd, MD
Medical Director
CVFP Medical Group

We practice AI so physicians can practice medicine.

Navina ends frustrating EHR data hunting with an actionable Patient Portrait that allows physicians to review any case in minutes. Our proprietary AI integrates data from EHRs and other sources, surfaces what’s important, and identifies potential quality and risk gaps requiring attention. Physicians can then take action and complete documentation of any relevant data with a click. The result empowers physicians to be more prepared for visits and creates space for meaningful patient interactions.

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