AI Assistant for Clinical Review - From Efficient Visit
Preparation to Improved Value-Based Outcomes

Hosted by Navina and AAFP

Introduction to new technologies in primary care that alleviate the burden on physicians and improve value-based outcomes

Value-based healthcare has the potential to help family physicians return to the essence of primary care: rewarding provision of high quality care to patients—especially those who fall under the highest risk categories. To succeed in value-based models, physicians must be able to effectively identify preventive care opportunities and fully capture the patient's health status and diagnoses without adding to their already heavy workload.

Join us to learn how artificial intelligence is helping physicians by simplifying the value-based workflow, surfacing the right data at the point of care. Using an AI Assistant for Clinical Review helps ensure critical diagnoses aren’t missed and captures a more accurate representation of each patient’s risk—all while reducing the administrative burden on physicians.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • The benefits of AI technology to your practice’s value-based journey
  • First-hand experiences from a family physician and CMIO in a leading physician group on introducing technology into the workflow
  • Key findings from the Innovation Lab study with Navina, including:
  • 70% time saved on chart review
  • 23% increase in diagnoses documented per visit
  • 38% increase in Risk Adjustment Scores per visit


  • Dr. Steven Waldren, MD - Vice President & Chief Medical Informatics Officer at American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Dr. Ronen Gordon, MBBS BSc - Senior Medical Manager at Navina
  • Dr. David L. McAtee, D.O - Family Medicine Physician & CMIO, Millennium Physician Group
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