The Risk Adjustment Tool that optimizes your workflow

Navina’s risk adjustment tool optimizes precision, efficiency, and clinical outcomes within your healthcare organization.

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Unmatched efficiency, unparalleled precision

Navina's Risk Adjustment Tool streamlines the management of Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs), enhancing the precision of risk assessment and improving financial outcomes. Seamlessly integrating into existing workflows, it ensures accurate and efficient identification and documentation of chronic conditions, improving diagnosis capture and improving overall clinical performance.

Unlocking new possibilities with advanced HCC insights

Navina's advanced platform goes beyond HCC identification. It offers a complete patient health history through AI analysis, uncovering hidden chronic conditions and enhancing risk adjustment precision. Seamlessly integrated into the EHR workflow, Navina's Risk Adjustment Tool sets new standards for accurate risk assessment with evidence-based HCC recommendations.

Elevate coordination, elevate care

Navina's Risk Adjustment Tool fosters collaboration within your care network, boasting an 87% adoption rate among physicians. It simplifies coding workflows, promoting transparency and coordination between clinical and coding teams, reducing administrative burdens and enabling focused value-based care delivery.

Insightful analytics, elevated performance

Navina's analytics offer a complete view of your network's performance, facilitating easy tracking and comparison of value-based metrics across clinics and providers. Navina's Risk Adjustment Tool unlocks the potential to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data, thereby improving operational efficiency and enhancing overall care quality.

Discover how Navina can transform your value-based outcomes.

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