Transform healthcare outcomes with AI-powered risk adjustment

Navina's AI-powered Risk Adjustment Solution revolutionizes value-based care, enhancing diagnosis accuracy and reimbursement.

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Empower your value-based journey

In today's complex healthcare landscape, risk adjustment can be a labyrinth of data reconciliation, inaccurate documentation, and physician burnout. Navina’s Risk Adjustment Tool is your guiding light through these challenges, empowering Value-Based Care Organizations with precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to the days of struggling with interoperability and inefficiencies – we're here to transform your risk adjustment journey.

The Navina advantage

At Navina, we're not just another platform; we're the AI-powered, physician-first solution that takes risk adjustment to new heights. Our unique approach offers multi-source data ingestion and reconciliation, a market-leading AI recommendation engine, and an unparalleled user experience. We've got the map to unlock the full potential of your patient data, so you can provide more accurate diagnosis and patient care while improving financial results.

Transforming healthcare, one diagnosis at a time

numbers speak volumes. Navina's impact extends far beyond the screen. Value-Based Care Organizations we work with have experienced a 22% increase in diagnosis suggestions that were previously undocumented and a 20% boost in the Risk Adjustment Factor Score (RAF). Our high user engagement rate, clinician acceptance rate of our AI-powered HCC recommendations, and workflow efficiency make the difference you've been looking for.

Discover how Navina can transform your value-based outcomes.

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