Empowering value-based care with the ultimate Risk Adjustment Tool

Unlock the power of accurate risk adjustment with Navina's cutting-edge AI technology

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Streamlined workflow for accurate HCC coding

Navina's innovative risk adjustment tool is the key to enhancing workflow efficiency for your clinical and pre-visit teams, facilitating a seamless path toward your organization-wide, value-based care objectives. Its platform ensures a smooth and effective transition to a more optimized and accurate risk adjustment process.

Unmatched accuracy through multi-source data analysis

Navina seamlessly integrates with your EHR workflow, analyzing diverse data sources to accurately identify and document hidden chronic conditions. Accessible clinical evidence and direct source links ensure trust in your risk adjustment workflow.

Elevating physician engagement and care coordination

Navina's risk adjustment tool promotes cohesive and coordinated information flow throughout your network. It significantly reduces administrative burdens, enabling your care teams to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional patient care.

Unparalleled visibility for enhanced performance management

Navina's HCC solution provides full visibility across your network. Its turnkey analytics empower you to compare, track, and improve your value-based success metrics across various partner providers and payers. Unify workflows and measure performance across clinics and providers, enhancing your healthcare ecosystem.

Discover how Navina can transform your value-based outcomes.

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