The HCC Solution that drives value-based outcomes

Navina's comprehensive AI-powered HCC solution improves workflow efficiency for clinical and pre-visit teams, helping achieve organization-wide, value-based care objectives.

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Evidence-based HCC recommendations for accurate risk adjustment

Navina's market-leading HCC platform provides a holistic workflow solution, from pre-visit review to point-of-care assessment, that lives natively in the EHR workflow. The diagnosis and HCC coding suggestions engine analyzes structured and unstructured multi-modal data from an array of  sources, enabling identification and documentation of new suspected  chronic conditions. The platform provides clinical evidence for suggestions, with direct links to supporting documents.

Boost clinician engagement and care coordination

Navina's HCC-RAF tool promotes seamless information transparency across your network, fostering synchronized and informed care delivery while optimizing operational efficiency. Navina boasts an 87% adoption rate among physicians, resulting in heightened engagement with value-based initiatives and a significant reduction in administrative burden. Navina supports both HCC V24 and HCC V28, crucial to ensuring a smooth transition for your organization.

Gain full visibility across the network

Navina's HCC solution provides for full visibility into the provider network, making it easy to compare apples to apples. Turnkey analytics allow for tracking and improvement of of value-based success metrics across multiple partner providers, as well as across payers. Unify workflows and measure your performance across clinics and providers.

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