Reshaping the physician experience 
by transforming fragmented data
into clinical knowledge 

Navina is the first operating system that enhances the physician’s workflow by automating data capture and analysis

Imagine a holistic tool for the primary care physician that improves clinical outcomes

Reduce clinical

Effective data






Improve efficiency and reduce burn-out at the click of a button

Navina operates with real-time performance.

Comprehensive, Navina integrates multiple types of patient data (tabular, numerical, time-series, images, text) -both structured and unstructured. 

Provides users (physicians and patients) with real-time interaction while acquiring and presenting relevant information.

Delivers physician-level accuracy using AI algorithms to extract, detect and classify data features and turn them into concise, clinically relevant knowledge. 

Vital for saving time and reducing missing critical data.


Interested in improving your quality of care and group revenues? Navina can do both.

Improving delivery of care by highlighting critical missing data elements

Restoring the doctor/patient relationship by reducing computer time by as much as 20%

Eliminate revenue and diagnostic under coding resulting in a revenue increase on average of $40,000/physician/year

*Based on Navina pilot studies conducted with more than 1000 patient visits in a family medicine setting
*Based on average practice revenue generated by physician of  $500,000 FTE

Better Care


Reduction of missed clinical elements by 50%

Reduced Burnout


Physician burnout reduction by 25%

Return on investment


Increased revenue per physician

Optimize Efficiency


Recapture physician time by 2-3 hours a day

Enable team-based care by creating an up-to-date, comprehensive clinical summary at each patient encounter

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