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Navina turns chaotic data into actionable Patient Portraits - instantly improving clinician satisfaction, diagnosis accuracy and value-based care.
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Achieve faster, more
accurate visit preparation

Reduce missed

Increase Risk Adjustment
Factor Score by 25%

End frustrating
EHR data mining

What is a
Patient Portrait?

It's a complete, concise and contextually-relevant clinical summary, making any case reviewable in minutes. Navina integrates with your EMR and other data sources to deliver instant insights at the point of care. It results in better treatment, more accurate diagnosis, reduced provider burnout, improved efficiency and enhanced financial performance.

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Fireside Chat FMX 2021

Navina united with the AAFP at the 2021 Family Medicine Experience and engaged in the Office of the Future experience. As part of this interactive experience, showcasing the future of family medicine, we hosted a fireside chat

“First Hand Feedback: How point of care AI is Improving Primary Care Clinical and Value-Based Outcomes.”
Tune in for Dr. Hohman, from NOMS Healthcare, speak about her experience using Navina.

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Physician burnout was at crisis levels before the pandemic. Now, AI can be used to tackle the root cause of burnout by transforming scattered patient data into an intuitive visual summary  - with insights at the point of care. Clinicians get presented with what matters most, based on the entirety of each patient's data and history - organized categorically, for easy review and discovery.

Learn from our panel of speakers how an AI-based system leads to higher quality of care, while increasing adherence to quality measures and reimbursement.

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Built for the
Value-Based Revolution

Navina is an essential solution for today's new era of accountability, as practice revenue is now tied to measurable patient outcomes. We optimize value-based results by providing physicians with a unique contextual summary of their patient's data, supported by AI-based insights at the point of care. Using NLP, Navina suggests possible missing diagnoses that may be buried in scanned documents, linking recommendations to relevant patient data, thus ensuring appropriate representation of patient risk. No matter where you are in the continuum - transitioning to value-based care contracts or already there - our platform and expert team will help you increase HCC-RAF scores, improve compliance with quality metrics such as HEDIS, and generate meaningful shared savings.

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