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Navina turns chaotic data into actionable Patient Portraits - instantly improving clinician satisfaction, diagnosis accuracy and value-based care.
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Achieve faster, more
accurate visit preparation

Reduce missed

Increase Risk Adjustment
Factor Score by 25%

End frustrating
EHR data mining

What is a
Patient Portrait?

It's a complete, concise and contextually-relevant clinical summary, making any case reviewable in minutes. Navina integrates with your EMR and other data sources to deliver instant insights at the point of care. It results in better treatment, more accurate diagnosis, reduced provider burnout, improved efficiency and enhanced financial performance.

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Make data work for you,
not against you

Never miss what matters most

It’s very easy - unfortunately - for critical data to be buried in the EHR. By using AI, Navina surfaces that information and presents it instantly and intuitively. We also use data to highlight and suggest diagnoses - and make other clinical recommendations based on what is hidden in discharge reports, test results, and other documentation.

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Loved by physicians

Physician burnout was at crisis levels before the pandemic and even more so now. Navina tackles the root cause of burnout by taking the time and stress out of the required workflow before, during and after the actual visit. We’ve demonstrated this time and time again, with primary care physicians across the US.

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More than pays for itself

How can Navina save thousands of dollars per clinician, per month?  Our impact is dramatic because our solution sits at the heart of the problem. Our AI engine helps identify potentially missed diagnoses and care gaps. The results are both improved compliance with quality metrics, and appropriate representation of patient risk. Navina generates proven increases of 15%-25% in HCC-RAF (Risk Adjustment Factor) scores - which  can translate to savings of millions every year, for even an average-sized practice.

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