Primary Care's Future: Expected, Unexpected, and Unpredictable

Hosted by Navina and athenahealth

Learn about the newest technologies, payment models, and practical strategies for our post-pandemic world.

Navina united with the AAFP at the 2021 Family Medicine Experience and engaged in the Office of the Future experience. As part of this interactive experience, showcasing the future of family medicine, we hosted a fireside chat “From Overload to Understanding Using AI to Cure Physician Data Overload at the Moment of Care.” Tune in for Dr. Bower, from NOMS Healthcare, speak about her experience using Navina.

Watch the recording to get perspectives from a peer:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the impact of arming family physicians with concise and contextual AI-driven patient data summaries from Navina.
  • A review of implications on diagnosis and care, clinician and patient satisfaction, as well as revenue and value-based outcomes.
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The pandemic has reinforced the essential role of primary care in improving population and public health and the need to move to value-based care, while accelerating shifts like the adoption of telehealth. This complex and dynamic environment requires new strategies and frameworks, along with fresh innovation and bold thinking.

To help you prepare for a world of dramatic change, we have gathered a panel of industry leaders to lead a far-ranging and important conversation.

Watch the recording to:
  • Gain an insightful overview of the current state and future vision for primary care in the US
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at innovation strategies at two leading primary care groups - Beth Israel Lahey Health and NOMS Healthcare
  • Discuss emerging shift to value-based care models
  • Talk about the physician-data relationship and how AI can reinvent it

Watch the recording now

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